The Client Intake

A Spa / Wellness eLearning Course

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360, Mindmeister, Adobe XD


This demo course is part of an onboarding training program for a fictional spa & wellness company. The company wishes to train new employees on how to conduct a client intake and based on the consultation to provide customers a customized treatment. 

Subject Matter Expert

Whilst discussing the course with an subject matter expert (SME) I gained information on how to create this course topic; the SME provided me essential documents and helpful suggestions for design and development. Additionally, I collected the learning content and started to design a learning solution where I defined the learning objectives and created a design document. 


I created a course outline and wrote the first draft of my written storyboard in Google Docs. I reviewed it with the SME and edited where necessary. I created supplements like a sample for a client intake form and a waiver form. These forms were later incorporated in the Resources section. 


The course is developed in Articulate Storyline; the incorporation of audio narration with closed caption was a challenging exercise, especially correctly integrating in the timeline. The use of motion paths, zoom picture option and quiz / scenarios are features I challenged myself to learn and this took me further in my elearning skills.

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