eLearning Timeline

How I Built My eLearning Skills

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360

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2021 was a year of learning, being inspired, connected, and developing. I created an interactive elearning timeline showing my journey of building and developing skills in instructional and elearning design.

The eLearning Designer’s Academy by Tim Slade: December Community Challenge - Designing Interactive eLearning Timelines was the perfect opportunity to showcase my developed skills and work.

Building My eLearning Skills in 2021 Timeline was reviewed in The eLearning Designer’s Academy by Tim Slade and featured in his YouTube channel.

Design, Development & Challenges

During the process I wrote down my essential experiences, obstacles and milestones - a process of reflection and evaluation.

I wanted a simple looking slide for my interactive elearning timeline; one slide with click-to-reveal interactions, audio, hyperlinks, and images.

I created this timeline design to display my journey; a clean and modern design with dark and light colours. I chose the images and audio to create a sense of energy and movement in my elearning timeline.

A challenge for me was the incorporation of audio; background music that is subtle yet could give an added sense to my timeline. Another challenge was incorporating videos and deciding when to start and to stop during the timeline, so I decided to create a hover state for them.

I look forward to further develop and build my elearning skills.

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