Mentoring Program

A Learning Experience Initiative 

Tools used: PowerPoint, sound effect, video production

*Video presentation at the bottom of this page

This concept project is focused on building a learning experience program with participants getting involved in mentoring.

The process

Vision and Big Idea

Building Now for Later – a collaborative employee program of building and nurturing a diverse and sustainable network where multi-generation employees come together. The big idea for a learning experience design course: build a mentor program as part of employee onboarding with a blended digital experience of exchanging knowledge, skills and expertise leveraging an understanding of culture and multi- generation. 

LXD Blueprint

I used a template, an LXD Blueprint to design, plan, and execute the learning experience initiative, a mentoring program. In here, I wrote down the big picture of the project and the training needs analysis for this particular program. It's a high level thought-process about the readiness of the organisation, the description and objectives of the project, who the primary and secondary audience are, what modality we will use and what kind of learning experiences can be expected in the program.

LXD Design Plan

With the Blueprint established the next step was the LXD Plan,  I created the LXD course initiative's objectives, modules, module objectives, modalities, learning experiences, and content in detail. Training should not be handled casually but instead developed specifically to meet the needs of the organization.

Buy-in & Wrap Up  

Once the Blueprint and Plan were completed, the next step was to create a form of buy-in moment and format to stakeholders to implement the program in the organisation. The end product, I choose a presentation in video format supported with an online meeting in case there are questions. 

The design and development of the video is done in Powerpoint containing images of faces of employees, bold words in the slides and background music to focus and to highlight the impact of the program to the organisation and its people.

The next steps is to evaluate on set measure moments the program, milestones,  objectives and other goals.

Watch the video production below.

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