About me

Hi there, I'm Grace Karijomedjo

I started my journey in Learning & Development back in 2006 while I was working in a hotel in the Maldives. In 2008, I moved to Barcelona, Spain to become a certified TESOL (Business) teacher, and over the years I found myself drawn to learning tools and practises, and developing people in higher education as a lecturer/ researcher and in the corporate environment as a trainer and Learning & Development manager in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Since the pandemic in 2020 I have learned more about the principles of elearning, instructional design and visual/ graphic design in Devlin Peck's ID Bootcamp, Tim Slade's The eLearning Academy and Eduflow Academy's Instructional Design Principles for Course Creation and Linkedin courses. I have recently explored courses, articles and application of learning experience design (LXD) with NovoEd's course Learning Experience Design: From Idea to Impact.

I have a Master degree in Leisure & Tourism Studies from London Metropolitan University and a Master degree in Human Development & Performance Management from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

Roots from Indonesia, born in Suriname and raised in the Netherlands. I like traveling and exploring new cultures. Multilingual in Dutch, English and some German.

I design and create supportive and interactive learning experiences.

Learning & Development Consultant | Instructional Designer | Learning Experience Designer

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